Back to sharing my muses


I took a long break from blogging. I thought, I would give myself time to write short stories and perfect what I had already written on this blog. None of that has happened so far.

What did happen though, is that I met my co-founder and friend for life, Jesah Segal, and we finally got Plastic Fantastic moving along the road of dreams. So, it has been a busy year. You can follow our story here:

Its been quite the journey because we also recently did a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo. If you follow this link, you will see our video and written story.

Most of the writing I did last year was done in collaboration with Jesah. Sitting in our apartment in Ngong while the sun calmly moved from the back of the building to the front of our big window. Most of the writing was for funding opportunities. Answering 100 questions from prospective investors is a great way to clarify what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Needless to say, we haven’t yet won anyone’s heart. We are still too young to bet precious money on. However since we have no intention of devoting our lives to anything else, then I am sure the money will eventually find us.

And anyway, from the experiences of the past year, it seems doing the work and connecting with people is really what matters and it doesn’t take money but courage to do this.

We also took many photos of me modeling Plastic Fantastic jewlery. Yes, that elegant woman’s shoulders and neck on our facebook page are mine. I can’t say I was always happy to do it but watching cows and young children play in the road below was a great distraction from the rigors of modelling jewelry. If you think modeling is easy, you should try it.

When not laboring and fighting in our apartment, we went over to Kisamis, Kibera to train on plastic upcycling techniques to artisans. These interactions and conversations were always the most exciting part of the work for me and the most boring for Jesah. Jesah is American and his Swahili is still shaky so he misses on most of what is said.

And believe it or not, we still found time to hang out with kids at Aga Khan Academy to start a recycling campaign at the school, we are also working with Friends in Ngong to plant trees on the scenic iconic Ngong Hills. 54 trees planted so far- although I got some sad news that some died :-(. Its always fun that children join us. I hope they keep these memories and go on to create more tree growing memories with their children.

So, I suppose I will continue just sharing my experiences and musings with life. Maybe those are the best short stories and poems I will ever write 🙂


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