Why no poetry?

Its been hard to post my poetry. If you must contribute to a magazine or a publication for instance, a post on your blog will be deemed published and ineligible. However I am now developing a few short stories to blog about. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

As well I finished my two months of soko fellowship. It was wonderful having the opportunity to write about artisans in Kenya. Here are some of the articles I wrote during that period http://shopsoko.com/blogs/news/13175529-ojikos-story

http://shopsoko.com/blogs/news/13711301-bold-and-bright-beadwork and this one is introducing me http://shopsoko.com/blogs/news/13345865-meet-ciru-soko-content-fellow

At the same time, I got involved in helping to plan and organize a video shoot for Canadian fashion designer, Laura Siegel. This was a most wonderful opportunity considering I have always considered being a film maker sometime in the future. I can’t wait to see what the editor makes with all the video footage we took.

The work was made possible by the maasai artisan group Eyieunotto Nabaya of whom I wrote about earlier last month.

The fellowship was a wonderful way to grow new ways to develop my work and to gain new skills. I am now more than inspired to keep plastic fantastic going on.

I now have a home office where I am developing prototypes of what I would like to create with recycled plastic. Creating stuff that is more useful and valuable from waste is now known as up-cycling.

Well keep an eye out for it 🙂


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