Eyieunotoo Nabaya: Something to hope for

My first blog posto on soko’s website is finally here!! Hurrah!! Its about Ojiko and I hope you all love it.

As well I have been involved in a shoot for a Canadian fashion designer known as Laura Siegel. I am very proud of the work we did. Many thanks to Eric Gichanga, Praise Santos, Tony (our super talented driver who doubled up as the sound and lights guy) and the soko artisans- Mary Wayua and Veronika.


Mary and Veronica



Eric with baby Joshua

May I also take this opportunity to introduce the most welcoming community I have ever visited. Here is to the wonderful ladies of Eyeiunoto Nabaya. They opened their homes and hearts to all of us. Welcoming us with songs, wonderful tea and beautiful jewellery.

I spent the day trying out various ladies adornments. How I wish I took more photos wearing  their jewellery on. Hopefully the belt I ordered will arrive soon. I have always wanted one ever since I went to Doldol and met a lady making one. They take up to two months to make and are very expensive to make. But boy are they worth the price. The maasai women’s hand manship is world class and they only use the best quality beads. Truly handing you over a heritage worth remembering.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well, as the jewellery, I feel deeply connected to the group because of our shared values- community, cultural values and environmental sustainability. The leader of the women’s group, Agnes has extensively travelled attending conferences and advocating for the maasai community in these harsh times of climatic change.

And most importantly, we share a home with the good women. I only met them because I met one of their junior elders, Emmanuel through my constant hikes on the Ngong hills. The Ngong hills are a special place of inspiration for me, I literally grew up in their shade.

Doing a shoot at the community was a blessing for me because now I can truly show the world why I am so proud of maasai culture which i grew next to. The land is still as I remember it growing up. Though now the town of Kisamis is growing and many people in the community are selling their land.


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