State of the nation


This photo was taken by lonesomebounty on one of the numerous walks she took in the neighbourhood while she lived in Ngong

You told me

You would rather commit suicide

Than watch me live as I do

Why would you tell me this?

Would you tell me this if you really loved me?

Its not something you did in the past that hurts me

Its what you do now

Those unkind words you so carelessly

shout at me

With you drunken rage




Do you know peace?

Are you really at peace?

Loving you is a war

It is a dictatorial relationship

It oppresses my being

Please come watch the birds with me

Please come see the rain as it softly lands from the sky

And we will have peace

The foundation of all that is beautiful in life

And only then can our nation be at peace

The nation is me and you

How mother and daughter shall choose to live

Is how daughter and her children will live

It is the way of life we will live as a nation

The nation is me and you


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