Writing lab with Stacyann Chin was a privilege

The past two weeks were very interesting and a fun learning experience. Writing lab at the Nest in Nairobi with Stacyann Chin was a privilege and a blessing.

Stacyann provoked us to think more about why we write, who we write for and what gives us the privilege to tell those stories. When you become aware of your privilege- because it is a privilege to tell stories, it humbles you. I was humbled.

In the coming three months, I will be working together with an online market place that connects local artisans to the global market. Not only will the work afford me the privilege of seeing artisans at work, I will be telling their stories as well. And I am very much in love with jewellery so it will be a beautiful opportunity to source earrings, bangles and necklaces from the best.

As well, it is a blessing to bring my artistic skills to a sector I am very excited about, the social entrepreneurship sector. Doing business with a consciousnesses to create positive impact. I am hoping to bring what Iearn to the project I have been steering for a while, plastic fantastic kenya. Creating awareness about the pollution of our waterways and about plastic pollution through recycled jewellery art and performances.

This project is those big hairy ambitious things. Sometimes I do feel like it doesn’t matter. But it does. Even a little bit of change is change. And long lasting change does take a while to happen.


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