Its a beautiful world

I wrote this post a while back and for some reason never published it. Oh well. enjoy.

My brother has a painting we love to discuss. We put it in our dining room because it matched the color of the wall. This must have been about a year and a half ago.

Maybe he did not know what he was doing when he painted it, but he created a masterpiece. We are always discussing that painting. Every time we do, we come up with a new meaning to what we see. The painting always provokes us to discuss it and once we do, we always find something new to understand.

Right now, as we feel the impatience of waiting for the elections to be concluded, the painting offers me something. It makes me feel as if we are so concerned with our little world we have forgotten about other things in the wider universe.

I just discovered something amazing today. That there exists, at about 4,900 light years away, a system with two stars that revolve around each other. Well, I already knew that. The shocking thing is that the system has a planet that moves around the two stars (suns). I can’t help but try to imagine how beautiful it would be to have two sunrises and two sunsets. And to revolve around two suns. What would the seasons be like?

Other places have even more stars in their systems. And a whole load of wonderful things are happening out there. Out there being on the earth, in your neighborhood, in the big big universe, in the anthill near your house…..everywhere.

The painting communicates what I have said beautifully. 

Let’s think more deeply about this place we have been born into. Well, I suppose as an artist I have a duty to contemplate these things and communicate them back to you. 












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