Enjoying the Amani Experience

Got this wonderful article from my classmate Ahmed Maawy
“Bio-Empathy: Learning from Nature : Nature is well known as a great resource to help us build resilience, find inspiration, and learn more about ourselves. But as the field of biomimicry has shown, nature also teaches us about systems, design and innovation, offering over 3.8 billion years of evolution to learn from. For this course, we will go to a beautiful location outside Nairobi to immerse ourselves in nature and see it as a source of innovation while also a catalyst for teambuilding, creativity, and appreciative inquiry.” – Amani Institute, Courses and Instructors

So we kicked off the Social Innovation Management Post Graduate course at Amani around 2 weeks ago. I must say I was really impressed, there was no better way to start everything out then connecting with our own selves, and understanding that we are a part of a magnificent system known as nature. Bio Empathy is all about not only understanding nature, but also working with it in harmony and inner peace, and learning valuable lessons about our place in nature.

In summary: I think we need to be more proactive on how we preserve and work with nature. I think as human beings we all have one thing in common: We share the same home, and we need to harmonise with our inhabitants in this home, and give back what they give to us.


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