Good Times in Karen!! A fun way to crowdfund :-)

Me thinks we are yet to catch up with the digital world or we really think its impersonal. So back to my telephone calls and physical meetings I went!!

Its been wonderful interacting and calling up old friends. The best part is when I tell them the idea and their eyes light up. Everybody gets it!! Finally, I discovered a way to talk to fellow human beings!! Getting eveybody to light up 🙂 and lighten up. Giving people a sense of mission!! Wohoooo!! (Warning: I might be deluded by the way)

Eh…enough with the poetry. Every body I talked to thinks we should make sure our kids do duff mpararo! Let’s clean our rivers. Let’s give ourselves a genuine reason to celebrate and party. Imagine how we will all feel when that river gets cleaned!! Tukakuwa maconquerers for real 🙂

I have an idea, let’s give ourselves a time cap!! LET’S CLEAN OUR RIVER… ( CAN I HOPE FOR AN ‘S’?)…Positive thinking should rule here….RIVERS  WITHIN ONE YEAR!! clean the river in your hood too!! Let’s exchange notes on how our projects are doing!! Times will be thick but if you have someone else suffering the same fate it ain’t so bad :-). Misery loves company :-)…ehm yeah its not as easy as it sounds but WE CAN DO IT!!

Osteria at Karen is the venue! A nice garden, nice slow music, catching up with friends and talking good conversations…plus laughter in the sunshine!!

The event is free. Come donate what you have. If you like the project and believe in it. Give It what you have. It doesn’t always have to be money. You can contribute your skills too. Well, I honestly need to raise 300k but most importantly, I need you to deeply believe things can change for the better if we put some effort and genuine faith into things. That river can be cleaned!! People have been doing this in other parts of the world too. So why not us?


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