Touch deep!

I have been thinking of late, about how some people touch us so deeply they reach out of the grave long after they are dead. In Lybia, they want to bury Gadaffi from their memories. I think you cannot bury such a man. He touched them too deeply. A lot of times in a bad way. Still they will have to acknowledge the presence of his ghost.  REF: National Geograhic February 2013

In Ancient Egypt, a new ruler would try to do the same if one of the previous rulers was a strong personality and threatened the security of his throne. He would get artisans to chisel out that certain ruler’s story from the walls of the temples. It doesn’t work. At long last the truth will prevail if the story must be known.

It is only now that I have realized how far national geographic magazine has affected my life. I have become critical of what they write as well. I can now discern the emotion of a writer. The guy who wrote about Lybia hated Gadaffi. He called him the god of ugliness.

I am reading about Nelson Mandela as well. They keep telling us what a hard man he is. But he is too much of a god in out eyes. I wonder what the writer would call him. The god of freedom? Him and Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi and Obama. Sometimes it looks as if it is the same person to me. Their message is the same in many ways.

It is funny that I should think about such things in the morning.

The mere challenge of trying to raise money to Amani Isntitute has taught me so much. When I need inspiration, I look up to these men because, they overcame challenges that people never thought humanity could overcome. Perhaps if it wasn’t for William Wilberforce and Lincoln fighting slavery and Dedan Kimathi leading off a guerilla war in Kenya, I would not have had the opportunity to be who I can be.

No!! It is not a perhaps, it is a certainty.

So while people might disregard them, we owe them our lives, literally. Some people deeply touch us even long after they are gone. They are the heroes we are supposed to emulate.

If a man was evil but touched you deeply, you should still his story so that we can avoid doing evil deeds.

Anyway, we deeply touch each other, we should be conscious about that touch so that we can be kinder and nicer to each other 🙂



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