I got a Scholarship to Amani Institute!!!

Do you remember my tortured poetry about dreams that demand to be followed?

I dropped out of Law School because I felt I wasn’t getting the kind of education that would help me achieve my dreams.

After one and a half years of searching, I’ve stumbled on it!!


I need your help.

I got a 50% scholarship and I have to raise the balance which is exactly $3,250 ( KES 300, 000).

I am working on some cool gifts to give as thanks for giving me a boost. More details about the gifts to come soon.

Now let me tell you about Amani Institute. Amani Institute offers a global education while at the same time teaching one how to grow deeper roots in their community. You can’t understand the solution until you get deep into the problem. And that is how change is created.

That kind of understanding and innovation needs a lot of courage. It is like volunteering to go to hell to help put out the fires. If you can learn something while on that journey especially from someone who has done it, why not? That is how I would explain experietal learning. One of the three pillars of The Amani Institute Experience.

The other two pillars of the experience are Professional Skill Building and Leader’s Journey. To tackle global problems at the local community where the effects are felt requires one to be a global thinker and to be deeply aware of your roots at the same time.

Sir Ken Robinson here calls it finding the balance between your inner world and your outer world.

The advisory council includes people who are out there making change you see across the world happen. And the institute is supported by Ashoka, Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory and THNK Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.

Hoe can you help me?

1. Pledge of support. How much do you think you can contribute once I launch the platform?
2. Sharing with your network- Do you know someone who could help? Please, tell them about the campaign

I know I sound a bit too serious. It is not that easy asking people for help you know 🙂



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