I will always refer to 2011. The year I decided to embark on the crazy journey of finding my dreams.

Now I am clear, somehow at least, on what these dreams are. Lol. Promise you won’t laugh…well, I want to change the world. Okay. Fine fine. But let’s get serious. I do. Not all of the world though.

I want to communicate certain ideas that I think will make a better future for all humanity. So what are these ideas? Well, I would like people, to learn how the hand of history lies with us every second we live. Every little thing you do, whether in secret or not, is the sum of your life. Have you thought about that?

Sorry I got a bit emotional. Yes. Ideas I want to communicate. I want people to discover what a wonderful, crazy, weird and beautiful universe we live in. And to learn how to appreciate it as it is. It is not everything that needs a human hand to make it better.


Now, I am in a crazy place because, I quit that road trodden by many to seek my path. Somehow dreams do come true. Last year, I got a chance to attend a really wonderful class on creative entrepreneurship. And then, I discovered coursera and have been doing a 6 week songwriting course from Berklee College.

And then, I also applied for a course on Social Innovation Management by Amani Institute, got a 50% scholarship and need 3250 dollars for the rest of payment. And I need to raise it in 3 weeks. And I just found that out 2 days ago. It’s driving me crazy!!!

Now I am in week 5 of the songwriting course as well and need to write and record a full song. I have 1 day to do that. I haven’t began. Too much thinking about how I can raise money.

If I go on anymore, I will get more crazier!!!!

I wonder how my predicament sounds to you. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “WHAT A CRAZY PLACE TO BE IN!!!!

  1. joshua wambua nguyo says:

    thats health my sister i like people who are creative ,focused honest like you congrants babe

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