Letting Go


The honest



This world has

No place

For those, not willing

To fight!

It’s sad my child

But, there is

Only so far

I can take you

On your journey.

And how the rest goes,

Is all up to you.

I wrote this poem because I decided to help a friend out for  a while. When it was time to let go, they got angry at me. They thought I would keep solving the issue on their behalf.

I learnt my lesson. When you help, you must set the boundaries of your help clearly. If help is needed you cannot look the other way. But I disagree that you must be responsible for a man’s life just because you saved him from .

Even if it was my child, I would have to let them experience some things on their own. The only thing one can do, is hope you taught them well and they will find the lessons useful.



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