I waited for you

I really waited

Sat by the window

Staring at the gloomy night

You never came

And as I looked into the night

I grew angry with the rejection

And my anger went to the clouds

They became dark and grey

So now you are here

Well, I couldn’t care less

If you were rotting in hell

Nothing compares to my pain

Sitting by the window

With tears in my heart

And broken shards for my heart

I felt so much pain

I wished I could tear and throw it away

And here you are!

Well, i doubt i could make you feel the same pain

Still, I couldn’t care less

If you were burning in hell

Please go away

Because my thirst for revenge

is burning in my throat

Like hell’s fire

Go die in hell!

But I still doubt you will feel my pain.


One thought on “Pain

  1. you should first ask what caused the delay! and whether the love in the heart of your lover is enough to make you forget the delay for your heart is filled with it, or else there would not have been any hatred.

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