Take courage for standing out!

Sometimes people ask me how it’s going, and I don’t know what to say. Someone told me the best thing to say is “I am still pushing.”

It sounded nice, however it never really communicates about how the push is going. But that’s because most times, it’s never going as well as we anticipated. If we are having a rough time with achieving our goals we simply shut up. If we score a victory, we tell everybody.

The problem with not sharing difficulties is, we never give others a chance to encourage us. And that is because we are afraid they will relish our failures and make us feel more unworthy. Also because we do not want to seem like we are complaining too much.

The truth is, you will need encouragement and someone to comfort you when things aren’t so great. The trick is to have good friends who try to understand and help.

Another thing we should realize is, sometimes the most helpful comments about our work or goals don’t necessarily come from friends. They could also come from the so called “haters”.

If you want to grow, it is important to learn how to listen and think about the most painful criticism. Maybe the person really hates you, God knows why, but that doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from what they are saying about you or your work.

On Saturday, I had some of my poetry read at the Goethe Institute. It went as I expected. There was much criticism. Someone even said that it was not poetry I have written. One of the editors went into a 20 minute rant about love and how people cheat themselves about love. ” It is pure bullshit to tell someone that a house can become a home.”

I guess it was painful but I have already accepted this as part of my journey. That is the hardship of wanting to stand out. The comments are harsh and the work unrewarding sometimes.

Despite the harsh criticism, I still believe a house can become a home. And maybe I should not have borrowed so directly from other authors. But I am happy. I so incessed the editor with my musings about love, he had to leave the room. At least I touched something in him.

So in our endeavors to accomplish out goals, we will make mistakes, which is good because we can learn from them. We will be ridiculed, laughed at, mocked and bitterly criticized.

The trick is in finding the strength to keep doing.


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