Setting the bar for myself

I have done an amazing course for the past two months.  Creative entrepreneurship is supposed to help me as an artist think of ways to make money.

I cannot say yet if I will make money and lots of it but other things really stood out for me. My instructors helped me understand my life cycle.  When you decide to do certain things with your life as others have done before you, a pattern emerges. And you can learn from that on what to roughly expect on the journey.

There is a certain critical place in the life of an artist called the mastery level. Many people in my class thought they were at the mastery level of their craft. If you reach mastery level, you get to a turning point and start all over again by finding your voice once more.

I realized how high you set your heights really matters. You reach mastery level when you feel you have achieved certain things and the public acknowledges that.

I will not reach my mastery level when I become a star. I want to be a black-hole. Everyone around me is a star. When I look at people they are so beautiful it hurts my eyes sometimes. It is just that some people are bigger stars and shine more than others.

The reason I want to be a black-hole is simple. They are not seen by the naked eye and the only way we know they exist is through their effect. They assemble the stars around them into a galaxy.








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