Another conversation from the horn

Kwani Litfest is on and this year, I decided I am not missing it. Not for anything in the world!!

I love the words on the poster Conversations with writers from the horn. For me, it is conversations from the horn. For me these are stories I am longing to hear. They are stories about us!!

Now what do I mean? I mean, I will have a chance to meet people who are telling stories about Africa, and I am starving for those stories. Even better, the authors will be there to talk about their work!! How fantastic could it get for a book worm!!

I was hoping I could get books at cheaper prices, buy as many as I could and get them autographed. Guess what!!!! Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to get more people to read, our clever Kenyans have seen it as an opportunity to make money. After all broke niggers like me are not supposed to be reading and attending such events on a weekday in December of 2012. I am supposed to be slaving in an office. Au?

Surely, such an event should be well attended. People should be making time out of their busy schedules to meet the intellectuals of our continent. These are the people who sit back observe us and talk about it. What are they saying? What ideas do they have?

Apart from that one glitch I have talked about , the books being too expensive, please make sure you make time to see what’s happening at the litfest. It should be a well attended event.

PS: Books are expensive and will always be. Someone clever in Europe discovered a way to make them cheaper. Read about penguin books. Works considered very important are available for free.


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