Do you sometimes look at a far a way hill or valley and feel as if you could just reach out and touch it? What happens if you decide to go climb the hill or the valley? You discover that the journey there takes longer and is more tiring than you anticipated.

The path to your object of desire also brings you things you could never see from your initial point of view. You discover people and their communities, you discover where that little spring near the road comes from, you see new features. And most of all, you begin to get a context of where you live.

If you find a way to enjoy your journey to the hill or the valley, you learn much and it all adds to the feeling you get when you get to your destination.

I know some people would rather get to the hill as fast as they can and get it over and done with.

One of my achievements in 2012 is that I regularly visit the Ngong hills. They look like an easy climb until you get started. However, I learnt that taking it easy on the way made the walks more pleasant and memorable.

There are many people who walk the hills every weekend. Some people have been doing it for years, come rain come sunshine! If you are new to the walks and try to keep up with them, you will find it hard.

The body needs to get used to walking the hills and with time you find it easier to walk. So in a way, you need to develop an individual relationship to the hills.

My relationship has taught me the virtue of patience and taking it easy. The hills have taught me what seems impossible can be made possible. For instance I never would have imagined how beautiful it would be to walk in the mist.

The hills have taught me to appreciate those beautiful things we did not anticipate at the beginning of the journey.

In the same way, the journey to the land of your dreams can be beautiful. It might take a little bit longer if you stopped to smell the flowers on the way. But then in the end you do get to the top of the  hill. And what’s more you get there in style. So enjoy the lessons your journey has to offer.




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