My creative Class

Well, I have been busy of late. In class learning new things and getting very excited about how I can incorporate them in my work. Here is my art story as shared on my class blog.

The GoDown Arts Centre Creative Entrepreneurship Course

Name: Naomi Wanjiru -Lonesomebounty
Occupation: Performing artist and writer [Stage Name: Lonesomebounty]
Location: Nairobi
Social Media
Facebook: Lonesomebounty Inc
Twitter: @lonesomebounty
Youtube: Lonesomebounty TV
Soundcloud: Lonesomebounty

My Story
I have always been dramatic. Since childhood. And because of that, I never really fitted in. Until I came across the art world and its lovely people in 2006. It was wonderful!!! I loved the stage, I loved seeing my face on a billboard, most of all, I liked the chance to do things my way (well not quite but it was better than the world I was trying to escape).
If you meet me on the road, and you are late, just hurriedly say hi and move on. Because if you stop, I will no doubt have a story for you. And mine tend to be quite long. I will connect many dots for you and sometimes in…

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