Isn’t this just a beautiful poem? I thought sharing with you would put a smile on your face just like it has done for me.

Realm of Empress Musie

Full moon is shining up above in the sky
His rays weaving magic
Pouring down on the river and ruins
We sit silently, unable to speak
Words have disappeared somewhere
Hearts lost in mysteries of moonlit night
So many minds, so many tongues
Not a single sound, not a word to found
Light and shadow draw quick sketches
Under the trees, on the river, in the ruins!

Then sound found us in our solitude
The swaying rhythm of drums
Coming from beyond the bends
Of serpentine dusty village road
Not a single word exchanged
Yet together we rose and discovered
Dancing santhals under full moon
Their chiseled brown bodies glistening
The moonlight slipping and sliding on bare skin
As they swayed like trees in rhythm to the beat.

The winds softly blew their hair
The strong fragrance of mahua
Permeated in the spring air
The strings of bead and pretty…

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