Hard Times are the Best Times

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Do you remember high school?

Of course you do. Especially the tough and rough days. And you tend to remember them with fondness don’t you? Those times do not look so bad now, do they?

I wonder why we do that. Look back on hard times with a tender eye.

It is not easy starting something. Sometimes the journey gets tiring and you wonder why you bothered doing it in the first place.

Next week will be three months since I started performing on Kenyatta Avenue (and now on River Road too!!). I cannot believe how time flies.

Many thanks to Naftali and his staff and the Kiepepo group of hotels where we perform. Getting a chance just to prove yourself is nor easy to come by. So when you do get a chance, you really have to make it work.

Please drop by whenever you can dear reader. Watch us grow and you will be proud of us, someday.

What about you? Having hard times? People have been complaining about lack of money and rising food and transport expenses. Do not despair. One day, you will look upon these days of hardship with fondness. And perhaps with tears in your eyes, because you will not believe how far you will have come.


One thought on “Hard Times are the Best Times

  1. The hard old times are aa pointer to why we are what we are todayy. They dint kill us, but instead made us stronger & better – hence the fondness. Will pop in someday soon btw, u have my word on that.

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