Hmmm….for the longest time, I have been trying to understand the economic melt down without success. Where would all that money go to?

This article kind of helps me understand the problem. And then it also gets me thinking about the desire to be rich and for material gain.

It is really true that not everything we have been told we should have is good for us. For instance look at the traffic jams and the attendant pollution that have come with Kenyans buying cars.

We should learn from the mistakes of our sisters and brothers living in the Western world.


In 2007, Jackie and David Siegel were “bursting out of the seams” of their old house. At 26,000 square feet, it felt too cozy for their eight-kid family and their extravagant lifestyle. They were ready to upgrade. So they started building their dream home: a 90,000-square-foot behemoth, inspired by the palace of Versailles, that would include 30 bathrooms, 10 kitchens, two tennis courts, a bowling alley, a skating rink, a sushi bar, and $5 million worth of marble — you know, the essentials. The Florida mansion would be the biggest house in the United States.

Around the same time, photographer Lauren Greenfield met Jackie Siegel at a party for Donatella Versace while Greenfield was working on a project about wealth and consumerism. An interest in photographing the Siegels turned into an idea for a documentary that would chronicle the construction of their new home. “I was interested in the connection…

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