Public Diary

Some times, I think about this blog very much and I wonder what interesting stories I could tell you. I tend to write very long articles that are very labor intensive.

Of late I have been doing music. I started with only one day and now three months later, I am supposed to be doing three shows a week. That does not leave me much time to write does it? Well, I should still find a way to write.

Today, I will add an new tag called public diary. This is where I will write other thoughts that are random and share them with other people. Honest writing proved to be a task. I write and prefer to keep those thoughts private for now. Perhaps when I die people can read them.

I will try to keep the discipline of being precise, very short but still keep the communication going.

I will talk about my work mostly because that is what occupies my mind at most. Hopefully I won’t bore you 🙂


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