Finally!!! I start living my dreams!

Dear reader,

As you have noticed, I have not been writing much of late.Or rather, I have not been publishing what I write. But my writing has mostly been in my diary where I reflect on what I feel are very private thoughts. Still, I write because I know that one day, my experiences will be useful to the beautiful ones not yet born.

My dream for a long time has been to be a musician. I am glad to say I am slowly getting there.I now have a weekly show called Lonesome Bounty on Kenyatta Avenue. If you have time, please drop by and leave me a comment.

You could tell me what song you liked or you could suggest an idea for me  try out. You could tell me if you like my costume- mostly my clothes for now 🙂 ..Anything that might occur to you as you watch me perform.

Sadly, I might not write as often as I desire but I will find a way. Perhaps I could try out shorter blog posts? Hmmm I will think about that. Adios for now



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