LonesomeBounty on Kenyatta Avenue!!!!


So here I am. One month later after I started playing at Hotel Kipepeo Avenue house on Kenyatta Avenue. Things have been working out great. My band partner who plays the guitar is very committed to making things work and we practice like never before. For hours and hours.

At first, I was angry at being underpaid but then I realized even the little money frees me up in many ways. Now I can save to buy more equipment for the band. And besides, the opportunity is a good one. Forget the money. I just love performing and I have the chance to do it.

Of course it is not wise not to think about money. It is the fuel through which our capitalistic lives run. So yeah, I have got to find ways to make more money. But I like to think what I am doing is more than just making money.

I like to think, I make someone happier or brighten up their day with music. I like to think I will improve the cultural experiences of fellow Kenyans. I like to think I make their home lively and life more enjoyable with my music. I like to think that I am creating a happiness revolution.

My revolution will be a war between frowns and smiles, saying nothing and rudely shoving someone and saying habari yako instead, a war between learning to laugh at ourselves instead of reacting angrily at our mistakes.

You know that kind of ideal thing that we believe doesn’t exist anymore amongst us.

And now people will ask me

Why call yourself lonesomeBounty?

Why choose to do Jazz? Or what is it you do again? Fusion?

Why the preciseness of 5.33- 8.29 pm?

Amid many other questions.

Well, I do not always have the answers for all the things I do. Most of these “crazy” ideas are just patterns of how I think. Now, I am sure we could go to a psychiatrist to find out why I think the way I think but do we have to?

So, when you find time in Nairobi, pass by Avenue house on Kenyatta Avenue and just see what I have been up to.



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