I am just a bird

The cold season is a horrible time for me. I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to get out of bed. So I lie there trying to pretend it’s because I have nothing much to do.

When I finally manage to drag myself out of bed, I realize I have so much to do and very little time for all the things I want to achieve. So I promise myself to do better the following day. Only the same thing happens the following morning.

Today however, I never felt like doing anything at all. Even planning for the activities never helped. So I figured I might be suffering from burn out or it could be the weather. All the same, I never felt like even thinking.

So I got out of  the house and went to the upstairs balcony. I have to say. I am lucky. My house is in a quiet neighborhood and the place is full of trees. I told myself I would stand there and just look at the trees and the clouds. Well watching clouds is pretty hard right now. The sky is just a mass of grey and nothing much.

All the same. It turned out to be wonderful. I saw very many birds. About 7 different types. When I went up it was kind of quiet and nothing much was happening. As it grew warmer more and more birds emerged. They were eating flowers-  that is what I saw. And they sang  and more and more birds emerged as it became warmer.

There were insects coming out too. And really fascinating me. Because some are so small I could hardly see them but they would fly very high up past the tall avocado tree in my compound.

And I saw feathers blown high up into the sky in the soft wind.

The music of the birds and the many wonderful things happening around me revived something in me. And I just had to smile.

So I am just like the birds. I don’t like getting out of my nest on a cold day. The problem is, I have to get working on this one person show that will premier in June. So let me get working. It is warmer now and I have no excuse.



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