Of late, I have been learning to forgive myself because I am human.

I admit, I tend not to be very friendly sometimes, I like having things my way and I get angry at silly things. And all too often I say the wrong thing.

As a writer who enjoys watching my fellow human beings in their daily drama and struggles in life, I do tend to think it would be very boring if we were ever perfect. Besides I would have no stories to tell. The best stories- especially the funny ones- happen when people make mistakes.

And in a way learning to forgive myself- for not living up to this image of myself  I have in my head- has helped me to be a better friend. I now look at my friends over reacting to something I would never think of as a big deal and laugh. I now tell them it is going to be alright and allow them to vent their frustrations.

It is mostly selfish- so when I am over reacting about things- they will let me be.

Yeah. Live and let live.

But if my opinionated self gets in the way please understand. That is how I tend to be….


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