I guess it happens in every writer’s lifetime. You dry up of things to say and stop writing for a while. You take time to observe and then get back to it.

I have been missing in action except with a few poems here and there. But I think I lacked for anything to say because I felt the need to talk about other things and I did not know where to start.

Last year, I read a very wonderful book called Built to last. Most of you have heard about it. It is a very nice book for those who want to build businesses that outlast them.

Since I was young, I wondered how some people are still famous long after their deaths while most of humanity has faded into obscurity. When I read built to last, I noticed something the authors kept insisting on. They kept reminding the reader that great businesses are not merely built for profit making but to solve issues in society.

And I think the same thing applies to all those people who are still famous long after their deaths. They made very significant contributions to society and their great works still affect us today and deserve our admiration.

And I have been challenging myself to think of how I can be if use to all humanity. Those existing and those yet to be born.

I have many conflicts within me to overcome. I think I got over the first hurdle. I quit a career I did not find gratifying. And then now, I have to stop feeling stupid for raising my voice and asking questions I have.

Sometimes people will shout back at me to shut me up, but I have to learn a way to fight back that reaction. Actually I will say I am in the process of learning how to fight societal oppression without being violent. Just standing up and refusing to take everything I am given without asking questions.

So my dear reader, perhaps the best place to start is by asking questions. And looking for the truth before doing anything else.

I will keep you informed on how my new adventure goes.


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