Dear reader,

I have been writing a lot of late. I just decided not to publish. This is because I decided to write about personal experiences and then trying to tell a truth about my life through these encounters.

Of late, I have began to feel a need for more serious writing. I have taken on a very ambitious project. I have challenged myself to write a novel. Right now I am staggering along at 10,000 words. I aim to get to 50,000 words.

That is ambitious for someone who never writes a story that is more that 2000 words long. And that is when I have done my best. To make it even more daring, I dared myself to do it in sheng. Not the hard sheng that leaves you confused, just a mix of corrupt swahili words and bits of English here and there.

I don’t know who I am writing the story for or why….I just decided to do it.

Please wish me luck and encouragement. I need all the smiles I could get.

In the mean time please enjoy this love poem I wrote a while back. I performed it at Wamathai on 3rd December. Enjoy

We transform things with our love

And that which is undesirable now

Can surely truly become beautiful

Once the magic of love has glorified it

Love and its fruits is not a moment

But a process

Much like everything else in life is

You have to go some way to find fertile land to plant your seeds

With love a house becomes a home

Two become one in friendship

And from them more friends are made

Food becomes a meal

Everything you see is a slow journey

Everything goes around

And yet life moves forward

And life is a paradox

The only things I can say

Might not be true

Some things have no definitions

I can only talk of what is true for me

What is true for me

Is the work of our love

The joy I feel in my heart

And the satisfaction I have with life

I cannot say how or where I began to love

I can only see that eventually

I have love

And the fruits of its magic

Are everywhere in my life

I do not know what you mean

When you say that I am happy

I am sure you can only know that

Through some mysterious way

Life is strange

The more things seem to change

The more they remain the same

The more things seems incorrigible

The more they get corrupted by the elements

A majestic mountain will one day become a plain

And a plain might one day become a mountain

The sea might become a mountainside one day

And when I die I will become a shining star

We are the same but you are unique

There will never be another one like you

But there is no much difference between you and

The bees or your chair

Some things are true for all eternity

And some truth is only true for the moment

And sometimes if you tell a lie enough times

It will become the truth

I do not know yet which truths apply

To my life and generation

And sometimes life seems meaningless

And sometimes the very things that disgust you

Make life worth living

Life has a little bit of everything

The way forward leads inwards at times

But you should never live too long

In your own world

For no man is an island

Life is a balancing scale

It is a dangerous circus act

It is the pull of gravity

It is the speed of light

Life is continuous

But every moment happens in its space

To get there you have move at the speed of a tortoise

At the speed of light

And make time and tide wait for you

Because you too are a child of the universe

And after all the philosophizing

And knowing that I know nothing

I just know in my heart

That I love you



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