Ah! More honest writing.

Such a daunting task!

Well, I do not have much to say for myself. I went to law school and hated it. It was one my most disappointing experiences. I have never hated formal education more. It was a nightmare and sometimes I regret not having done something else.

It might have been a nightmare but it taught me a few things in life as no other experience could. It taught me to ask questions even when they made me uncomfortable. It pushed me to truly seek happiness.

Law is good and interesting. Do not get me wrong. There are many people who enjoy the experience of serving people through the law. It is one of the best careers anyone could choose. And what is more, the big bucks are right there!

So, why did I hate my experience so much? There are many theories and possibilities. For one, I expected much more from the university. The service I expected though was only to be found in universities that seek to be the best in the world not just in Kenya.

The other theory, which most people really find hard to believe, is that I am just not cut out for it. Yeah….it is truly admitting that I failed on that one.

To be honest. I was being, as someone calls it, a pussy!

I was too afraid of having a bad experience if I went to study far away from home. I needed a back up plan in a career of choice if things never went as I thought. I needed a formal education to convince people to buy my ideas. And all that shebang.

That is until I started really looking around me. The lawyers I had access to, were my professors. I could observe them at work and learn something before making up my mind. Well, if you want to know, there were those who were goooood at their work and then there were the others.

I will start with the bad experiences. I want to forget them soon.

The bad experiences were the teachers who were not experts in their fields and had nothing to offer apart from regret and boredom. They also, I would think tend to be unsuccessful. They never stood out. Some even have lots of money, but there was nothing much to admire in them.

And then, there were those lecturers you would find yourself talking about in a bar. They taught and molded and changed me. Their words would keep ringing in my mind long after I left the classroom. They would inspire me to think and seek more than they taught in class. They gave me fundamental truths I will keep for a long time.

These lecturers are successful. I meet lawyers who have been practicing for over ten years who quote them. Their impact is that big.

I realized that I wanted to be just like these successful lecturers. I wanted to do a good job that stood out. I wanted to impact other people in the same way too.

These lecturers taught me more than law, they also taught me much about life. They taught me that it was not so much what I ended up doing but how I did it. Most taught me things they never meant to- or so I think. I learnt about listening to people, being caring, admitting to mistakes and being humble. Their actions spoke louder than words. It is in how they behaved that they made such an indelible impression on me.

They will remain inspirations as I seek to carve my path in life. They gave something good to take with me from a bad experience. My heart rings with gratitude and I hope to follow in their great footsteps by always doing work with love.




2 thoughts on “MY TEACHER MY HERO

  1. wow, that came straight from your heart, no doubt, lonesomebounty. do you intend to make a career in law, after looking back at Law school ?

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