I have been struggling with things I wished I could change about my life. Like…….this is where I wonder how honest a writer I want to be.

Well here goes nothing. The beginning of honest writing courtesy of the sun magazine.

The month of June was bad for me. Very very bad.


Because I was finishing school at last. I could not wait for the month to pass by because I had so many wonderful plans of what I would do after school. Those who know me, are used to my drama. I usually get very excited about things I anticipate.

And so the bug had caught me.

But I was also dealing with emotions that were not very exciting. I kept asking myself why a strong willed person as me did something I do not love in school. Just because it impresses people when I tell them I studied law. I wondered if they would still be impressed if I was a second rate lawyer hanging onto the threads of life. Living life as good as a dead person.

You see, the truth is, if you love washing dishes and that is truly where your passion lies then you will make it a great and successful profession. It is funny but I feel it is as simple as that. The things you carry in all honesty and conviction in your heart are best followed sometimes.

I looked and searched in the depths of my heart and admitted to myself a lot of things I found painful. That I have been an average student of all the things I sought to learn in the last four years. I was an average student of law, an average guitar player, an average dancer and a very poor singer. This is in comparison to what I believe I can do.

That is how ended up writing sad living. It reflected much about what I felt and how I perceived my situation. Never mind that most people think I am an achiever. It is what I thought about my achievements that mattered.

If you find yourself in the same rut, do not worry. Life is a struggle against our selves and the dictates of the world sometimes. All you have to do is to keep your eyes on the goal and keep moving towards it. If you ever get there, and I would encourage you to set such a high audacious goal that you have a remote chance of ever getting to, it won’t matter if you stumbled, crawled or walked there.

Life is a marathon if you think about it. It is better to go slow and get there.

Keep thinking about your ambitions and what you want to achieve. If you find yourself telling someone about them and they give you a weird look, take comfort in the fact that most revered achievers of all times were also considered mad until they achieved what they wanted. Who knew we would ever get to the moon for instance?

So there, do not be afraid to dream large and to fail along the way.

And as I was wondering whether I should post or not, I stumbled upon this article. Isn’t the universe just great in granting our hearts desires?




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