It is sad, just think of it

To own a degree but have no education

To own a nice TV, but never have the time to watch it

To speak but have no one to listen own a fancy gadget but have no use for it

To shout but not to be heard

To pay and never receive the service

To laugh and feel no joy

To cry and have no tears to show for it

To sit in a class but never understand the teaching

To read only to forget the essence of what is written

To attend school but never have the use of the knowledge

To work hard without making a change or improvement

To plant and not to sow the fruit of the seed

To drink without quenching you thirst

To eat without getting health from the food

To wonder aimlessly and never reach your destination

To bear children you will never nurture

To live in a prison yet you are free

To lie even when the truth faces you

To do wrong without ever feeling shameful

To beg even when you can do something to earn

To create more enemies even when you have no friends

It is very sad, just think about it.





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