Did I tell you? Yesterday as I was walking on the streets of Nairobi something very unusual happened. My boyfriend and I had just gotten out of the bus from Jinja and were going to get Compliant MOA to get home.

There was a swirl of humanity outside Tuskys. The Tuskys where people take matatu number 44 from. It was all noise and pushing and shoving and I could not wait to move away. There were people everywhere. Some had just come from work, some from work and shopping in the supermarket and some from work and a beer for the road.

There were also very many matatus and the makangas from that route are very aggressive. Those guys there can even pull you into a matatu even though you had no intention of going anywhere. Such a place is very dangerous and I am surprised that there are no pickpockets.

Well, back to my story.

My mind must have been on my mouth. There was something I thought very interesting that I was telling my boyfriend about. I always think that I have something wonderful to say you know. And I was very engrossed in my story telling.

Then I heard a man shouting and the noise a metal rod that had been shaken. I was still in the middle of my story when I turned around. What I saw has made me forget what important thing I was saying. Till now I cannot remember what it was.

An athletic man was parading around town. Well the noise of metal I had just heard was him jumping over the metal barriers that separate the two sides of the road. It was on Moi Avenue, right there where there is a Barclays. I was walking down the avenue heading towards railways. I was walking on the Tom Mboya street side of Moi Avenue.

The man was clearly very fit. His muscles rippled as he gracefully ran. Even my boyfriend admitted that the man had a nice way of running about him. It was an unusual sight to see someone with such a nice body in Nairobi we both agreed. Most people here are fat; they work hard but do not work out. Or maybe it is just too much tusker.

The nice athletic man was running about because he was being pursued. The shout I had just heard was from that man in pursuit. He was trying to get the athletic man to stop. Then I thought that the athletic man was a thief running away from his pursuer. My boyfriend did not agree with me. He reasoned that the man could have shouted mwizi! Mwizi! If the athletic man was really a thief.

Now the athletic man turned around the corner and headed towards the Tuskys where they take matatu route 44 from. I wanted to follow and see what people would think of the whole situation. I wished at the same time that I had a camera, and then I realized that I had one but it was out of charge. I thought about using my phone, but it cannot take images at night. I watched in sadness as the shouting man struggled to catch up with his companion.

My boyfriend thought the same thing. It would have been nice to have had a working camera.

There was another lady who was looking on at the spectacle with us.

“Hhei! What is going on in Nairobi?”

“I don’t know. I think he is just mad”.

“Heheh? And he has run to where people are!”

“ I wish I followed him to see what has happened.”


“Well you see being naked is not so weird after all. We are all naked at some point. Maybe he was just trying to remind us the freedom of it by doing it at the city center of Nairobi.”

“At night?”

And then I remembered my intellectual property law professor saying in his boisterous Luo accent,

“ You, know they say that it is nude if it is a white man but naked if you are black.”





  1. why do such things happen in my absence? By the way Nudity and nakedness are almost the same the only difference is that Nakedness is usually associated with threatening or disturbing circumstances: if you are not disturbed by what you see then you are looking at nudity, just enjoy it

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