Sometimes last month, I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote a poem. I thought I posted it but the only thing that was there was the heading. To date I still wonder where the rest of the poem went to?

Today, a friend I recently made listened to me as I moaned about my confusion. I do not know what to do with my life after school, I said. Thank God he was patient and encouraging. I feel inspired to recapture those words I typed and got lost. Well they never were lost, if they came from me then they are still there. It is only the expressed thoughts that got lost.


We are jubilant, free at last to pursue money

We are afraid, will we become big men driving big cars

We are lost, we don’t know what the future holds

We are apprehensive,

Will we make a difference or not?

We are silent, our voices have gone

We are sad , all those lost opportunities

We are awed, so much to do in the world

We are hopeful, that our dreams will come true

We are angry, someone lied to us there is an end to toil

We are reluctant, to  spread our wings

We are happy, so many good memories we have

We cannot wait, to have a say at last

We have butterflies in our stomachs

Will they like me or not?

We are young and have much to live for

What kind of life awaits us?

We are inspired, by the great ones who have preceded us

We are scared, will we emulate them?

We are good to go, it is life

We are about to finish school


5 thoughts on “A NEW WORLD COMING

  1. kanyingi says:

    i have to say, i don’t know yet, but yes i already have a feeling it’s the exact opposite of what we expect. you know, if we’re thinking we’ll get big jobs instantly, we’ll have o sweat first….that kinda thing

  2. And when the Jubilation subsides and the dust settles,

    Reality kicks in with the fury of a tornado cutting through the mid west of the USA.

    You are blinded because things are not so clear as first perceived

    You cannot hear a thing because the calling you think you head is just a single note within the noises of real life experience.

    You feel the paralysis of the entire body, like the worst nightmare you’ve ever had where you are being chased and he is caching up with you really fast but you seem to be going in circles and even if you try to fly, you are in danger of hitting stumps because you are flying too low.

    Then you go like fuck!!!! I need to get down to earth and face my fears, stand my ground, stake my presence, live life, save mankind blablabla!

    Then you vision gets clears, you ear can hear again and you paralysis is gone and stretched ahead of you is a responsibility of a life time which is not only to yourself but to the rest of humanity as well.

  3. kanyingi says:

    feeling melancholic already? “We are angry, someone lied to us there is an end to toil” caught most of my eyes. but it’s life, as you say. awesome piece

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