I don’t know who lied to you

That you are too special to go

Looking for love

Love is beautiful and satisfying

It fulfills its own special place in the heart

And nothing can replace it

For there is nothing like pure love

And like all good things,

You have to go seeking for it

For it is buried deep in men’s hearts

And when you find it, it will be like a diamond in the rough

When you purify it,

You will have to safeguard it for it is very precious

Keep it in the secrets of your heart

We all must seek precious love and yearn for it before it come down our path

Those who are special know that


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. At first sight Love appears like an irritant that enters the mussel or oyster, with long laborious twists and turns become the most perfect pearl you’ve ever seen.
    It is like the trail blazed through the masai mara by the wild beast following greener pasture as seasons change such that even generations that follows will always walk the same since it’s the most ideal even with such snug as lions and other predators.

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