Charles De Gaulle Airport

Well the first thing was to follow everyone else from the plane. I was still fuzzy in the head and did not know what to do next. And so, I followed….

The first annoyance was the immigration officer. He firstly assumed I speak French. Which I really had no problem with. Which brings to mind why do foreigners normally get annoyed when they hang out with us and we start talking our mother tongue or kiswahili to them? It is only natural.

Oh well back to the annoyance. It was the questions..

Where are  you going?

Trondheim (said very smugly mind you)



What are you going to do there?

Student festival (None of your f***ing business and please do not ask me what a festival is!!!)

How will you live there?

They will provide everything ( Why don’t you join me if you are so bored!!)

How much money do you have?

Some dollars and some pounds (Arrrgh! I want to go shopping you dush bag! You are wasting my time!!)

I suppose the immigration officer was surprised by the audacity of my short answers and the rude body language.I hope I looked sufficiently bored.  He let me go and did not wish me a safe journey. I wished him a lovely day with a very big smile on my face.

Now to my confusion. Firstly I wasted a few precious moments wondering whether my suitcase would directly go to norway or not. The little girl in my head kept screaming of course it will go direct!! Stop wasting time and find your terminal! There was the other side of me that was scared and just wanted to make sure that those airport idiots did not make a mistake. Thus went ten precious minutes I could have spent shopping.

The airport is huge!! I did not have a gate pass and I only had about an hour to board the next flight. I went to the information center hoping whoever I found spoke good English. She did and with a very big smile told me ” Just take gate 8 and you will find a bus to terminal G. Please hurry as you have no time!!” With many profuse thanks I went on my way.

CDG is huge! By the time I found gate 8 I was breaking a sweat even though I used what I call the “laziness belts”. You see they have these escalator belts on the ground  that keep moving and help you to move faster or simply move you if you are too tired to carry yourself. Talk about developments. I was tempted to scooff but they were quite helpful, especially because CDG is huge!!!

Well thank God it was not cold in France and for a while I was very satisfied with how cold winter can get. “Arrrgh! Why was my boyfriend so fussy about the cold. In fact my jacket is sufficient! And see how I am sweating!”

I thank God because, after all the huff of getting to gate 8, I realized that the buses from that gate did not go to terminal G. I asked some gentleman to help. He was very helpful because he looked at the information board and told me that the buses from there did not go to terminal G. I resorted by saying that I had been directed there by the information center to which he replied ” They might speak good English but I do not think they understand it very well.’

With no alternative left and since time was running out, I went to another information center where I was promptly directed to gate 5 which also turned out to be wrong. By this time I was nearly crying out in desperation. I had not slept very well and the running around was exhausting me. To make matters worse time was running out and I was beginning to feel  hunger pangs gnawing at my stomach.

Finally I decided to go to my carrier. The help was instant and I got my boarding pass. The gate was close by and I did not even bother to check what gate number it was. All I wanted to do by then was to sit down in my plane and eat something. The ride to terminal G was so long I thought I would miss my flight. Maybe I was just hungry and impatient.

I got to the terminal in good time and had twenty minutes to spare. What else to do in Paris (even in an airport) but to shop? I set myself properly and started my shopping tour. There was variety I tell you. The fashion shops were the most captivating and I salivated until my mouth went dry! The shops had totally fabulous shoes, leather jackets and jewelery. Even trinkets were in plenty. In the end I just bought a bottle opener and a pin fashioned after the Eiffel  tower.

The airFrance attendant was not only courteous but he was good looking as well. It was my first head turning experience and it never stopped turning after that. It is true ladies those Nordic looks are very appealing!!! To make matters even better he obliged my request for more biscuits by giving me an extra packet of crackers. Not that I particularly enjoy eating crackers.

The flight uneventful until we entered Norway and for the first time I saw white ground. He he he he. How cold is cold?


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