As my friends very well know I was recently in Norway. I promised to tell the stories of what I saw but……I do not have a laptop and I find cybers very……well let us just say I love my privacy and good internet speeds.

Luckily for you my avid reader, I carry a notebook around. And I write most of my impressions on it. So here goes….

10th February

“Look for Ben when you get to Oslo. He is Senegalese!”

If only my mother knew how hazy I was on the wine I had been sipping from the back of the car. I suppose he will be my first contact when I get there.

“Hey! Write down his name before you forget!”

Thank god for mothers.

I was tense about something and spent the day before my flight running around in  town and trying not to think too much about it. By 7 o’clock I had yet to shower or pack and it was a bad time to be around me. It seemed as if nothing was working. And so, I opened the wine bottle. For the relaxation.

The way to the airport would be long since I live in the bundus and I had to go pick my mother who also lives in the bundus. It is a very long way from my home to my mothers and so I was quite happy on wine by the time we picked her.

Back to my impressions!

I have been anxious about  alot of things just before this trip. Will I enjoy the festival? Who will help out when I get there? How cold is winter? (and the funniest of all) Will I meet thugs when I get there?

Well here goes my adventure. What will it yield?

I am the one boarding the flight this time! Why?

I think that part of me really wanted to go to Norway so that I can meet my relatives. I have a cousin who I have not seen since I was five years old. Will she be happy to meet me? will she enjoy my company? What will we do when hanging out?

Well I am waiting to board my flight and I am bored. I wish I was at the world class lounge with internet access. One day it must come true that I will travel that way. In the meantime I wish myself good adventure on my first skirmish with Europe.

By the way it is weird but airports do not have clocks. Is that true? Will investigate further.

(After a short while)

Dang! I knew something wasn’t going smoothly! The original aircraft has something wrong with it and so that means a ’30 minutes” delay.

( By the time I was boarding the plane, I was sober again and just wanted to sleep. I never quite got to sleep though)

We are now over the Mediterranean Sea. Nimechoka kweli! kweli! I am so tired!  Mgongo waniuma! My back is paining!! Kwa hivyo nimeamka kufanya tizikiasi na kwenda choo! I have woken up to do some exercise and to use the ladies. Jamani hii ni economy class kweli kweli. Ni kama kuchukua zile basi za mia 700 kwa sababu hata viti za mash bus ni more comfortable. Man! This is really economy class. It is really like taking a cheap bus.

I am glad I got a window seat at economy extra-legroom. I can watch the stars since there is nothing else to see  when you fly over Africa at night.


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