On the pain of living

Life is painful to live at times. You loose things without intending to and, you have to learn the art of letting go.

I had promised my friends that my writing would be purely objective but it is hard. How can I talk of experiences other than my own?

And now with  ears in my eyes I have to let go of another wallet. I lost the first one in Diani while I was at holiday there. I have lost the second one on the rave at Westy Nairobi. I feel that it is unfair but life can be painful to live at times. Especially at  those times of change and confusion.

I am thinking in my heart that my loss will amount to some good. Something wonderful I had not foreseen. Well, I can only hope for that and I have the audacity to do so.

In the meant time, watch out for the daily blog posts about the ISFIT event in Norway as from Friday next week. Please click on the names  to find out more about the festival.



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