It has been great being a girl

I played games in the mud of my childhood

And rolled my young self on the green-grasses

Without care or worry


I have broken the rules

And sometimes I learnt very bitter lessons

From it.


I have walked around

With dusty toes

That could climb a tree

And chewed out my finger nails


I have gone through trying to hide my growth

The budding breasts

And expanding hips

Masked by baggy clothes


I had sworn never to fall in love

Or to do womanly things like cooking

Or wear high heels

Or go gaga over clothes and shoes


The salon was a mystery,

So was the kitchen

But the woman’s heart was not

It came to be slowly revealed to me


And now I know it and the joys

Of all the things I thought wrong

And now it is time to Woman up!





3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. That is very creative. Your talents are boundless. Your social company even more captivating leaving one looking forward to the next meeting. Keep it up.

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