Why I drink

Sometimes when I am drunk I yell about how I wanna be a doctor but when I am sober I can’t stand the sight of blood

sometimes when I get just high I think of becoming an astronaut but stars ain’t my thing really

sometimes when drink a little bit I think I can make a great athlete I can run when I stagger but a hangover isn’t encouragin for exercise

whenever I go a clubbin I wonder why I never considered dancing but I really am too shy without the veil of lights

yeah at those times when I am driving home I fancy I could be a rally driver going going vavavoom vavavoom

and at times I know I could make a star actor and be the hero in a nice movie but I don’t think I could stand all that attention

tomorrow I will join the army and go to war and who knows I could be a hero

I can be anything when I am there but here is where I am


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