This world is big and wide

The poem was written in the morning in a bus . It was presented on Wamathai Spoken word on Thursday  October 7th


A view of the world from a bus-window



The world is big and wide

there is the sky above

an illusion to my eye

there is the earth beneath my feet

with its smell so sweet

there is the river that sliter by

disappearing into the jungle

there is the ocean far away

with its mysteries in its depth

there are the ants so strong and steadfast

there are worms crawling in the earth beneath my feet

and the mantle and the core that i can only see in my minds eye

there is the man sitting next to me

his thoughts and actions

there is the moon whose realm i might one day visit

there is the space and stars speedily moving away from me

going on journeys of mystery

there is the trees and the grass in their silence

there is the dew in the morning

and the mist that softly steals over it

there is the wind who may never be caught in my arms

there is water

and that i am 70% composed of it

there is me in all my internal earthquakes

where i came from and to where i head

truly the world is deep and wide



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