The fool

Yesterday I made a fool of myself

It is such a nightmare when I think about it

For the shame of it still hangs over my head

I am still seething at the mockery I faced

And my day is blighted with thoughts of

What was wrong with me?

I keep thinking if I had a second chance…….

Yesterday is gone

Yesterday has left its mark on me

And it still burns with intensity

And I feel its tears burning within me

They are dripping in my heart

Like an acid that slowly burns my esteem away

I wake up from sleep and my thoughts

Are disturbed

I dream a nightmare where I see myself from the other side

Wondering ‘why is that fool still talking?’

‘What is that fool doing?’

It feels good from this other side

It is unlivable however to be the idiot

Well it is funny to think of it

That I am the caricature

The object of satire and disapproval

Perhaps if I could bring myself to laugh at myself


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