who did it?

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People are always complaining about other people’s behavior that annoys them. I for example think it’s very bad to stand in the bus because you put buttocks into someone’s face. Or I hate it when someone does not clean the toilet after them or………….there will always be something to complain about I guess!

I thought of a funny game though, when my friend came complaining to me the other day. She didn’t like people who do not clean the comb after use and I admitted that sometimes I actually forgot to clean the comb and apologized for other people who do the same.

Why did I do that? Well I have a theory that owning up puts into perspective how human you are. You might not leave your combs unclean or you might not be the one who didn’t clean after himself in the toilet ……but! Yeah I don’t ……….clean the dishes when I use them.

Who does these things because they happen whenever I go? People are always talking about how bad it is to do this and this and yet those behaviors still continue to happen.  People are still not taking care of your books or music when you lend it to them, people still refuse to pay for work done……..

These things are social misdemeanors that show just how much you think about other people. But just own up, even if you don’t do the thing complained of and see how it goes. Encourage your friends to do the same and I bet the loos at school will be clean…… or something like that. I think when you own to a mistake that you do not do, you will catch yourself when you do the mistake you actually do.


2 thoughts on “who did it?

  1. When I lived in Parklands, the pickpocket stories were not stories, they were real and almost happened to me! I was seated on the back seat of a number 11 Matatu, playing a game on my phone when I felt a force so strong, that I dropped the phone on the floor. Fortunately for me, the guy wanted to snatch the phone. Unfortunately for me, I was in so much pain, that in the end, I had to go to the hospital. It was a muscle injury (!!!) and the sad fact is, after the incident, everyone in the matatu had had a similar encounter or knew of someone close to them who had. The makanga had even been a victim!
    Suffice to say, that was way back in 2007. These days, even home break ins are rare – maybe the petty thieves have moved elsewhere, or maybe we have moved to better residences… but go downtown, at Muthurwa and such place, and you will be amazed by the kind of fear you get, just walking around!
    Anyway, they say that the greatest fear is the fear of anticipation – so, maybe anticipating to be robbed at Muthurwa means that you will be robbed.

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