Dreams must be lived

My dreams are haunting me, they must be lived. They are bursting in my head and turn into nightmares. I cannot ignore them. They have refused to be pushed aside as I have forever done. My dreams are screaming for me to act. What are you waiting for? They ask. You have had enough inspiration from all over now it’s time to act. They will not listen to my many excuses. My dreams beckon me and I must heed their call. They are refusing to wait any longer. Its time you know. You cannot escape any more. Or else ……..how will you face yourself everyday from now on? With your unlived dreams turned to nightmares? My dreams dance in front of me and I cannot see anything else but them. Please, I beg, there is the other real world that must be lived. They do not care for reality or for the demands of life. Well they do because they have become tired of being dreams and now yearn to become reality. Who will help me? I am torn between my world of dreams that must come to be and the demands of what already is. My dreams haunt me and will turn into nightmares. I must heed my dreams and take a chance. Who knows perhaps maybe………but my dreams must be lived.


2 thoughts on “Dreams must be lived

  1. Hi Seg. Many thanks for your encouraging thoughts. I wish you and all my readers good dreams. Its never too late to live your dream! It will keep knocking untill you live it.

  2. Seg says:

    Giving up on dreams, is like giving up on the reason for living. Dreams are the fuel which keep us living. Dreaming for the impossible has changed the world we live in. Dreaming has changed the world I live in. Live your dream and tell your story.

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