Time management

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Who decided that the day should start at midnight and why? Doesn’t it make more sense for the day to start at the break of dawn?

Who said that a day must have 24 hours and an hour should have 60 minutes and a minute 60 second? I am sure there is rational answer for this one but why haven’t we come up with another system of measuring time? Especially since Kenyans never keep time anyway.

I think I want ten hours in my day so that I can sleep more. I want to be able to switch to a day with less hours when I am not busy and I think ten hours would suffice then.  When I get busy I could always switch to the thirty hour day and have more hours to do more. ..what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Time management

  1. hari says:

    honestly, i think for me your idea would ruin me. without literally applying Pavlov’s theory of conditioning, i prefer a regular system…though not perpetual conditioning. it’s better if i know that every day i wake up at a particular time and so forth.

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