Letting go

Take your pain

And make a thread

So long so long

And weave a mat

Let the mat be


With the blackness of shock,

And the red shades of anger

Let it be awesomely purple

With disbelieve

And a myriad of never-heard of colours

Of your confusion

Let it be yellow

With your sudden insecurity

Yellow as an egg- yolk

Taken out of its shell

Let it be a gripping green

When you realize that

The object of love

Is never coming back

Let it have a dawning blue

The colour when you wake up from comforting sleep

And remember what happened

Make a beautiful

And magnificent mat

And a memorable weaving

The loom awaits


2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. steve says:

    I like this! this is quite poetic and I enjoy the flow behind the aspects of assembly in your art work……..yeah! its an art work alright!!!!

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