how to make a contribution

Don’t we all love to complain about the Government. About what should be done and what hasn’t been done. Don’t we all like to imagine what good we would do for the country if only we were the President.

The first thing to do is to establish who exactly we mean when we say the government. In my opinion the government is made up of members of parliament, the people who work in the judiciary and the people who work for state corporations and departments. Basically if you work for any of these organs of the government you are the government.

Of course the reason why we complain is because we feel there is nothing we can do. When I was growing up I was told about the value of doing whatever work I was given to the best of my ability. I was told that should I ever find myself working as a sweeper I should sweep to be the best sweeper in the world. Your good work would be your blessing.

Applying that same principle, if you work as a subordinate in the most nondescript of government departments and you did it well, you would in your small way help our country become better. It is better than sitting down to complain about things you cannot change. You might decide to follow the convention and frustrate people who come to you for help but you will have to forego your blessings and you will never amount to anything other than a bribe taking official. When you die that will be your legacy. I am sure everyone wants to be remembered in a good way.

Blessings might not mean much but the difference between whether you will enjoy your life or not. And I ask you, is it worth to live when you cannot face yourself?


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