I had a cousin

I have a cousin who was a thief
He got burnt to death today
It was early in the morning
And his last prayer was,
They burn him some more so he could escape from his suffering

A relative at the pub said
It is a shame to have someone close
Die this way
You cannot even tell other people

What can you say for thanksgiving?
We are gathered here in honour of a proffesional thief
He died of a burning

I told his mother so, but
She abused me so, at least he
Remembers to share the loot
I might call her for condolence
Blood is thicker than water

We all have thieves
All thieves come from somewhere
I guess!

I wondered, why thieves who
Steal from the unborn shouldn’t
Suffer the same fate.
It would be good riddance, don’t you think?


One thought on “I had a cousin

  1. hari says:

    would i say, at his funeral, he was a thief? i think not. why? because he’s human n had human reason. we are all thieves in one way or the other,so unless we want others to read out all our bad attributes at our burials, just say the nice things about the dead. besides, who knows wether they listen to what we say about them wen they die?

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