the controversy of thought

There are a lot of things that are controversial about me. Like why I don’t like religion. Well it’s not that I know whether I like it or not it’s just that I disagree with a lot of the things we are taught.
I disagree that it is a sin to think some things. Think what you will. It is only in your mind that you can be things you can never be or go to places you can never go.
When I look at the sky, I fly with the birds. When I see a mad man I wonder what he sees of me. There is a man who shouts at the top of his voice in the market. He has never said any intelligible word, according to me but I wonder what it is that he tries to communicate.
I wonder what it feels like to be a lion. I wonder what it feels like to be a fish. I wonder about a lot of things that possibly will never be answered. But I can only do this in my mind.
I wonder what it would feel like to be the president of Kenya. I wonder what kind of a president I would make if it were true. Or if I was a musician, or a beggar or a policeman or a spy working for the Mossad or a suicide bomber or…………
How would it feel like to be God. How would it feel like to be Satan. I especially wonder at how it would feel like to be evil. If I were evil, would I think of myself as wicked or would I think otherwise and if I did I wonder what I would think of myself.
I could go on and on and on because there are no limits to thoughts. Something or someone who seeks to oppress thought suppresses your imagination and you would never think that things could ever be any different. You would be limited by your physical reality.
I disagree with religion because in religion some things are not allowed. Religion is a way of life that is prescribed for you. Things can never be different in religion. Someone has already decided for you what is good and what is bad.
The only thing I would find helpful to a human being is telling them how to shape their thoughts into positive thoughts. However the power of imagination should never be curtailed. You might not be a murderer but you could write a murder story in which you are the murderer and nothing should stop you from doing that.


11 thoughts on “the controversy of thought

  1. Deno says:

    There is no truth or the “SECRET” in this world. Everything is generally random and uncertainty is the norm. Believe it or not, modern religion does more good than harm.

    I also had serious doubts about religion but I discovered theres no value in being skeptical about religion.

    I’d rather be skeptical about the big things that would devastate me if I approach them in a gullible way, like the stock market, politics, women, a bad sense of humour or being a lousy lover.

    I don’t mind being fooled by art or religion.

    • hari says:

      i agree religion does more good than harm. but picture this real life scenario. a preacher who uses tithe to reopen his loss-making shop-and his congregation knows it. would you rather just give the tithe and say God will take care of the preacher or will you prefer not to give it?

      • Deno says:

        the beauty about religion is the variety. you can shop around all you want for the religion that best tickles your fancy.

        So if i suspect my pastor uses my tithe to reopen his loss-making shop (or to frequent his favourite strip joint), i boot him without breaking a sweat.

      • Yes, that is the beauty of religion. However religious egoism should be discouraged, everyone has a different way of worship and no religion is ‘so much better’ than the other.

  2. Hari says:

    Tru njuguna. Self-actualization is central to understanding the big SECRET. The problem is,those who claim to know it,being human,manipulate this knowledge to gain financial n political advantage. They do so by twisting the minds of some gullible faithfuls, n the result is that people end up acquiring a new conscience. A conscience from which varying personalities emerge,from virtuous people to, fanatics n inbetweens. I dont doubt God’s existence. But instead of being led to believe evrythng they tel me,i think i’m allowed to discern the truth n the lies told. A free mind if well used is the recipe for prosperity. But accepting evrythng sed about this is causes creation of cults n weird behaviour.

    • Yes Harry very few people know about the power of the mind and use it to acquire power over others. If you control the way a man thinks then you have all the power in the world over him. It is also true of politicians. Even better was for someone to be a priest or a man of God with political power. I would call that a cocktail of power.

  3. njuguna says:

    The prison will never be a physical place; rather it is a problem of the mind. that’s what I have felt that you are trying to address.That some men have discovered the secret to the human soul and relentlessly seek to control the imagination of the latter; when they so roam free, men lie in the wake of a limit they did not anticipate. One question I have to address though, what if they are right? what if heaven and hell really do exist and judgement awaits us?

    • I like they way are provocking the debate. What if they do exist? Nothing stops you or anyone from wondering about it or thinking otherwise. Your mind is atlast free to muse upon anything that might come to it.

  4. Hari says:

    I think man’s quest for a reason behind our existence is what led to so many religions,n in the attempt to quench this, absurdity and illusion were born n institutionalised in religious places. Whether or not man is meant to act under free will or under a deity’s rules is for evyone of us to choose. To ans this question,i believe we shd ask ourselves whether we are self-sufficient on our own or cannot do without divine guidance.

    • Hi Harry. I agree with you that people should decide some of these things on their own. People have minds and it would be sad if they cannot be let to make up their minds on things that affect them in their daily lives. I think we should be free enough in our minds to ask questions about our world. Please tell more people about this article and tell them to leave a comment on their opinions. Let us have a discussion about our thoughts!

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