When I was in the womb I thought it was the world.
When I got born I thought my house was the world.
When I started walking, the world expanded into my home and the neighborhood.
And then one day I realized that I live in a country called Kenya.
Kenya became my world. Every country on the globe-ball that my father owned was called Kenya.
One chilly morning my parents woke me up, dressed me in strange clothes and left me with strange people for the whole day. The strangers taught me about other countries in far off places I had never heard.
And for a while there I was satisfied that the countries of the world were the whole the whole world. And then as I continued to grow up, I discovered the ocean and the millions of the creatures who live there. I discovered that the stars are far far away and have never been part of the earth as I had assumed. The moon was no longer part of the sky and the sky was not the clouds.
There were small things that exist all around us and yet you do not see them. I discovered bacteria and other micro-organisms, and atoms and the animals of the sea that live in the darkness at the bottom of the ocean. Now I know why I cannot see the wind and why I cannot catch water in my hands.
Now I know that on me is another world. I am made up of small creatures that crawl on my skin and intestines. I am made up of nerves and cells. I am another world on my own!
And I discovered that people live in their own worlds in their own minds. Each with his own thoughts that shape his views of the “world.”
And the world keeps growing for me each new day. The sun rises differently each morning and I have much much left to discover.



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  1. njuguna says:

    am working for a magazine called the women’s show. they aren’t paying me yet but they are about to release a magazine by the end of July. Am putting in a word from the organizers to see if they can have some of your works on their magazine. But in the meanwhile we should be patient coz I don’t know whether they are paying the columnists.

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