When you wake up early in the morning
To brave the cold
T o call out to God
Do not forget to look up
And see his splendor
Do not forget to listen to
The sound of singing birds in the dawn
Do not forget to let your soul soar
With the clouds
When you keep calm
You will see he is lord

When the sun comes up
And you walk on this land
Do not forget to see
The beauty of the hills and the plains, how
They stretch to the horizon
Do not forget to stop and
Admire the flowers
They are yellow, white and
Purple with color
Do not forget to thank God
For sending this little piece of heaven
To you

When you meet God’s people
And they listen to you
Do not forget to see
Their respect for God
Do not restrain yourself from
Admiring their beauty
Do not forget to listen to their wisdom
Do not forget that it is good to give
And it is good to receive

When you come back to your lair
Do not forget to keep a smiling heart
With gratitude for the day in this paradise
Where time takes forever
And you feel eternity in your bones
See the sun slowly go
And the moon light up the sky
Do not forget to grab a jewel with you
To take to your peaceful dreams


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